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Lowrance Ghost 60" Shaft Trolling Motor

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Shaft Length: 60"
Voltage: 36V / 24V


Enhance your fishing experience with the 60” Lowrance Ghost Shaft Trolling Motor. Designed for bass and walleye boats with elevated bows, this motor ensures extended fishing sessions, faster navigation, and closer encounters with your prized catches.

Optimize your performance on the water with the ultra-quiet brushless motor, delivering unparalleled thrust and the longest run time in the market.

Key Features

Reliability Redefined

Drawing from over 60 years of innovation and marine electronics expertise, the Lowrance Ghost freshwater trolling motor stands out for its reliability. Crafted in-house from scratch,

Ghost surpasses industry standards after extensive research on trolling motor failures. After four years and 10,000 testing hours, we proudly present the quietest, most reliable, and powerful trolling motor available.

Silent Operation, Stealthy Approach

Ghost's brushless motor operates so silently that you'll question if it's running. Achieve unprecedented closeness to fish without alerting them to your presence.

Unmatched Performance

Zoom across the water with up to 25% more thrust than competitors, courtesy of Ghost's brushless motor, offering 60% better run-time efficiency. Enjoy superior top-end speed and acceleration without sacrificing battery life, enabling you to fish longer and harder.

Total Control: Own Your Spot

Ghost's powerful and precise anchoring lets you anchor your boat at waypoints, your current location, or any point on the map, irrespective of wind conditions. Spend more time fishing and less time maintaining your position with Ghost's efficient Power-Pole® shallow-water anchor control at your foot's fingertips.

Seamless Integration

Take command with full touchscreen control from HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, and Elite Ti² displays. Ghost's foot pedal serves as an extension of the display's interface, offering quick access keys for Anchor and Heading Mode, programmable shortcut keys, and control over Power-Pole anchors.

Plug-and-Play Lowrance Sonar

Ghost comes with an HDI nosecone transducer, providing instant access to Lowrance CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging™. Upgrade for extreme, high-resolution views beneath and to the sides with an optional Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 nosecone.

Fly-By-Wire Steering

Experience instant and smooth fly-by-wire steering control for a traditional cable-steer feel without the wear and tear of physical cables.

Configurable Foot-Pedal

Tailor the Ghost pedal to your preferences with programmable shortcut buttons, a Flip Switch, LED lights, and an indicator beep for feedback. Program shortcut keys for quick waypoint marking and Power-Pole control.

Interference-Free Operation

Ghost's brushless motor runs quieter and emits zero electromagnetic interference, ensuring crystal-clear, interference-free sonar views on your fish finder display.

Flexible Installation

Compatible with both 24- and 36-Volt systems, Ghost is designed for easy integration with any setup and facilitates future battery and charger upgrades.

360-Degree Breakaway Mount

Absorb impact with the 360-degree breakaway mount, allowing the shaft to deflect away from obstructions and reposition itself after impact. A stabilizer bar reduces bouncing in rough waters.

TMR-1 Remote Control

Take control from anywhere on your boat with the lightweight and user-friendly TMR remote, setting anchor and adjusting speed and direction effortlessly.

Easy to Stow and Go

Deploy and stow effortlessly with Ghost's dual-action gas spring. The motor auto-aligns when stowing, laying flat and secure on the mount without the need for manual alignment. Elevate your fishing game with the Lowrance Ghost 60" Shaft Trolling Motor.

Package Includes

  • N2K-T-RD Network T-Connector
  • Sonar Adapter Cable 9P Mini to 9P
  • Trolling Motor Compass-1 (TMC-1)
  • TMR-1 Remote
  • HDI Nosecone Transducer for Ghost Trolling Motor


3 year, Lifetime warranty on shaft.


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