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Garmin Livescope Settings for Ice Fishing on Devils Lake

Garmin Livescope Settings for Ice Fishing on Devils Lake

Having a hard time getting your Garmin Livescope dialed in for ice fishing Devils Lake?

Here's my best advice for settings to start with if you aren't getting the image you expect:

-Appearance - Blue ✓
-Bottom Fill - Off ✓
-Noise Reject - High ✓
-Orientation - Down ✓ - make sure your transducer is actually positioned down on your pole as well
-Color Gain - 60 ✓
-TVG - Off ✓
-Scroll History - Off ✓
-Gain - 65% ✓

Also have the latest updates on both your head unit and the GLS10 black box, and run the power directly to your battery.

If you're running a Snobear run your power to the house battery and not the cranking battery. Usually the cranking battery is the one on the right side when you're sitting in the drivers seat.

From here you can fine tune your gain to get the picture you're looking for. 

Hope this helps some of you guys,


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