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Fishing Electronics Installation

We offer marine electronics installation on any make and model walleye boat. Our mission is simple: install your boat electronics for trouble free operation that will last for as long as you own your boat.

Our attention to detail sets us apart.

No shortcuts taken here. Every connection is crimped using the proper tools, adhesive lined heat shrink is applied, and marine grade tinned wire is used throughout your install. We take great care to ensure your boat electronics are mounted solid and wires are ran correctly to give you the clearest imaging possible - and handle those rough water conditions. 

Once your install is complete, for those of you that want to unlock the potential of your electronics we also have a crew of "fish heads" that will jump in your boat with you and show you all the ins-and-outs of operating your new fishing tech.

Reach out to us using the install request form and we can discuss details to give you a transparent price.

Average Labor Prices for Common Installs:
1 Unit, 1 Transducer - $497.50
2 Units, 2 Transducers -  $995
Livescope System - $796
Clean Power System - $1194
Outboard Annual Maintenance (Main Motor and Kicker Motor) - $179.10
Ulterra QUEST - $497.50

Labor varies depending on each specific situation.