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Marine Electronics Training in Your Boat

Are you comfortable using your electronics?

Marine electronics are an investment to help you spend your time on the water more effectively. You SHOULD know how to use them!

Do you have confidence when it comes to using your electronics?

We've collaborated with anglers to help you understand how to use your electronics.

These guys are here to jump in your boat with you to get settings dialed in, interpret sonar, and get you comfortable with your equipment.

How it works:

  1. "Hire" any of the guys from our crew by purchasing online.
  2. They will reach out to you to arrange the best time and place to meet.
  3. You get 2.5 hours of one-on-one time with the instructor in your boat.
  4. After your session, the instructor is paid and you will have the opportunity to give feedback to improve this program.

Are you interested in joining our crew and providing customers with one-on-one electronics training? Click here.

We are looking for anglers in the following areas in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota:

  • Devils Lake
  • Lake Sakakawea
  • Missouri River
  • Lake Oahe
  • Leech Lake
  • Mille Lacs
  • Mississippi River
  • Otter Tail
  • Red Lake
  • Lake of the Woods