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Fish Heads Wanted

If you are someone who "knows-your-way" around your electronics, have great people skills, and would like to earn some income by teaching others; consider joining our team of "Fish Heads".

Your job on the water is to teach our customers how to use their new gadgets, in their boats... including:

  • Dialing in settings
  • Screen and Chart setup (data overlays, depth highlights, etc)
  • Sonar interpretation, Side scan, Downscan, Livescope

How you teach and help them learn their new electronics is totally up to you. The goal here is to help our customers become comfortable using their products. 

Sweet perks include:

  • You keep 100% of what the customer pays for your time- we don't take a "cut"
  • Get discounts on all of the products that we offer
  • Earn extra commissions on referrals

Apply today using the form provided.