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Software Updates

Manufacturers are constantly improving features and fixing "bugs" that users are experiencing. Running your electronics on the most recent software will help you get the most out of them and keep them running smooth. 

Nearly all electronics have software updates including:

  • Fish Finders/GPS
  • Live Transducers
  • Trolling Motors
  • Shallow Water Anchors

For the DIY'ers

Humminbird, Garmin, and Lowrance all have mobile apps released to help you perform updates but we don't recommend using them as they are typically slow and unreliable.

The best way is by downloading to an SD card and following the manufacturers process.

Links for Software updates:

Humminbird and Minn Kota 



Note: If you "brick" your unit during the update process, unfortunately we are not able to repair. You will need to send your unit into the manufacturer for repair.

For those of you that would rather have someone else do the updates, we offer:

Humminbird or Minn Kota: $60/unit

Lowrance: $60/unit

Garmin: $100/system - Example, an EchoMap or GPSMap with a Livescope Transducer

Give us a call or contact us here to schedule an appointment.