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New Minn Kota Ulterra Released: Here's Our Takeaway

New Minn Kota Ulterra Released: Here's Our Takeaway

On July 6, 2023 Minn Kota released their next generation of brushless QUEST series trolling motors. This includes a completely redesigned Ulterra with the automatic stow/deploy feature that many of you can no longer imagine life without. 

Not a ton of information has been released regarding the redesign yet (other than the brushless technology and what's found here) and we haven't had our hands on one...

...but here's our takeaway from comparing the photos of the new Ulterra vs. the current one.

Note: We have not confirmed with Minn Kota whether or not some of these features function the way we discuss in this post so actual functionality may vary.

1. Probably the most obvious is the new trim and steering housings.

2. The tilt motor is now located in the center of the assembly. This should help with issues stowing and deploying.

 3. There's a pull pin on the side for releasing the tilt mechanism

versus the old Ulterra where you had to pull the side panel off and release the "plastic knob".

 4. Is that a manual style tensioner on the side of the trim housing?

Our best guess is this is so you can pull plastic tab if needed to release tension on the lift belt... where you can then manually slide the shaft through the assembly.

6. Are these "mounting screws"... for a future release of brackets for Target Lock and live imaging solutions?

We sure hope so.

Have Questions or Additional Comments? Let us know below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Ulterra design!


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